There is also a scene of Mike Alancourt, whose video of him dancing to the song goes viral, showing off his moves in different locations.

AceShowbiz - It's been months since Post Malone released his single "Wow.", and now the rapper has treated his fans to a music video for the song. Making its way out on Tuesday, March 19, the visuals sees Malone traveling around the world as he meets several of his musician pals.

Countries that Malone visits in the music video include the United States, Germany and Netherlands. Throughout the clip, viewers get to see Malone hanging out with fellow musicians, including DJ Khaled and Red Hot Chili Peppers. There is also a scene of the "Sunflower" hitmaker enjoying a jam session with his band as the song plays. "Everywhere I go/ Catch me on the block like I'm Mutombo," he rap-sings. "750 Lambo in the Utah show/ Trunk in the front like that s**t Dumbo, yeah."

It's safe to say that the most notable moment in the clip is the appearance of 43-year-old dancer Mike Alancourt, whose video of him dancing to the single goes viral. Rocking a green-and-white stripped shirt, the bearded man is seen showing off his moves in what appears to be a backyard and in front of a trailer. Malone is clearly amused by the man, giving the latter a hug at one point before he continues his dance.

The release of the music video arrived after Malone surprised Mike on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", on which the latter was invited to perform his famous dance routine. After he finished his performance, he told host Ellen DeGeneres, "I had such a good time in the video and I think that's what people were connecting to and apparently 23 million people just wanted to have a good time with me."

That was when Ellen gave the Jacksonville native a major surprise in the form of a video from Malone, who expressed how much he enjoyed watching his dances and invited him to come to his show in Arizona.

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