Michael Jackson Memorabilia Cleared Out From Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Museum director Chris Carron explains that they re-evaluated whether the late King of Pop's iconic gloves and fedoras are appropriate to be on display following 'Leaving Neverland' broadcast.

AceShowbiz - A museum in Indiana has removed items of Michael Jackson memorabilia from display after child abuse allegations were made against the pop star in "Leaving Neverland".

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, located just two hours away from the Jackson family's hometown of Gary, has removed a pair of the late musician's items, according to Rolling Stone.

One of Jackson's iconic gloves and fedoras, purchased at auction in 2017, as well as an autographed poster were on display when curators decided to remove them following the premiere of "Leaving Neverland" on HBO in the U.S.

Chris Carron, director of collections at the museum, told local newspaper the Indianapolis Star, "When we put together exhibitions, we look at the objects and their association with high-profile people."

"Obviously, we want to put stories in front of our visitors (showing) people of high character. When you learn new stories or you look at something historical in a different way, then sometimes we re-evaluate whether that's appropriate to be (on display)," Carron explained.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck claim they were molested by the "Thriller" star when they were kids in director Dan Reed's HBO film.

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