Michael Jackson's Niece Calls Wade Robson's Allegations Against Late Singer 'Over the Top'

During an interview for Australia's Kyle and Jackie O radio show, Brandi Jackson insists that her ex-boyfriend's description of the King of Pop in 'Leaving Neverland' was that of 'a totally different person.'

AceShowbiz - Michael Jackson's niece Brandi is "sickened" by her alleged ex-boyfriend Wade Robson's "over the top" sexual abuse allegations against her uncle.

The 37-year-old daughter of the late King of Pop's brother Jackie Jackson has now watched Dan Reed's documentary "Leaving Neverland", in which Wade and James Safechuck accuse Michael of abusing them as children.

Expressing her disgust at the 36-year-old, she told Australia's Kyle and Jackie O radio show: "When I was watching ('Leaving Neverland'), I was completely sickened by it, to be honest with you. The things that he was saying were so over the top and so ridiculous. (Wade) was not describing my uncle. He was describing a totally different person, but not my uncle."

She claims she dated the dancer and choreographer for seven years, a story backed up by her cousin Taj Jackson, son of Tito Jackson, who has also toured newsrooms to defend his uncle. Last month (February 2019), Taj told Rolling Stone magazine that the pair dated in their teens, and were even a couple when Wade alleges the "Billie Jean" hitmaker raped him, aged 14, claiming this fact had been "left out" of the documentary.

Brandi, who has also accused Wade of cheating on her, further expressed her disbelief that he failed to mention the alleged rape when giving evidence in defence of Michael during his 2005 trial on charges of sexually abusing another boy.

"If someone had been anally penetrating you and anally abusing you when you were 14 years old, and you had a chance to go on the stand and put that man away for the rest of his life so that he couldn't hurt anyone else, you'd do it," she said. "You would. I can understand when he was a child if he was too afraid to do such a thing, that makes sense. But as a grown man, it doesn't."

The furious family member also revealed the new documentary was distressing for Michael's children Michael, Jr., 22, Paris Jackson, 20, and Prince Michael, 17, as they were too young to fully remember the events of the 2005 trial, which acquitted their father.

Wade alleges the Michael abused him from the ages of seven to 14, after he first met Michael at a gig in his native Australia. Despite strong push back from the Jackson family, "Leaving Neverland" looks to be damaging the legendary musician's legacy, as a number of radio stations have removed his music from its playlists.

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