Jung Joon Young Removed From '2 Days and 1 Night' Amid Illicitly Taped Sex Videos Scandal

The 'Sympathy' singer is reported to be part of Seungri's chat room in which celebrities allegedly share illegal hidden camera footage.

AceShowbiz - Jung Joon Young has been dropped from various TV shows, on which he was a cast member, amid accusations of sharing illicitly taped sex videos. The 30-year-old South Korean singer will be removed from KBS' "2 Days & 1 Night" as well as tvN's "Salty Tour" and "4 Wheeled Restaurant".

The production team of "2 Days & 1 Night" announced on Tuesday, March 12, local time, "Considering the severity of the matter, the production team has decided to halt Jung Joon Young's appearance on '2 Days & 1 Night.' For the two episodes that have completed filming, we will edit out scenes featuring Jung Joon Young as much as possible. We ask for the understanding of viewers."

tvN also released a statement to say, "We are notifying you of the position of the producers of tvN's '4 Wheeled Restaurant' and 'Salty Tour' in regards to Jung Joon Young. '4 Wheeled Restaurant: Season 3' was originally planned so that Jung Joon Young would participate in our filming in LA and Lee Min Woo would participate in our filming in San Francisco. Jung Joon Young is returning to Korea after completing all of his scheduled filming for the show, so we are currently in the midst of filming in our next location, San Francisco, together with Lee Min Woo. Because the producers fully understand the gravity of this matter, they have decided to completely edit out all of Jung Joon Young's footage."

"The producers of 'Salty Tour' have taken into consideration the gravity of this matter, and they have decided to remove Jung Joon Young from 'Salty Tour'," the statement continued to read. "From now on, the show will air with all of Jung Joon Young’s footage edited out."

Jung Joon Young is currently on his way back from the U.S. to South Korea to cooperate with police investigations. He is accused of being part of a chatroom involving Seungri and other male singers, where they pass around illegal hidden camera footage and pictures of sexual activity.

SBS reportedly found records of such conversations dating back to late 2015 through a restored Excel file. In one conversation, the rocker allegedly shared to his friend Mr. Kim a three-second clip showing him engaging in sexual intercourse. He reportedly told his friend that he had secretly filmed such acts. Jung Joon Young allegedly also shared a clip of himself in close contact with a waitress at a hostess bar.

Meanwhile, Dispatch reported that Jung Joon Young had more than 10 group and one-on-one chatrooms where he shared illegally taken hidden camera footage. In a one-on-one conversation, Highlight's Yong Junhyung reportedly talked with Jung Joon Young about a failed attempt to film a hidden camera, but the former was not part of any group chatroom.

Jung Joon Young's agency MakeUs Entertainment has responded to the allegations. "Jung Joon Young did not confirm, nor deny these reports," it stated. "He is currently filming in the United States. We will issue a statement as he returns to Korea."

Jung Joon Young's case arises after Seungri was named a suspect in police investigations for allegedly providing sexual escort services for foreign investors. The Big Bang member has since announced his retirement from the entertainment industry due to the issue.

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