Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Jeff Bezos Ghosted Her Twice: 'He Never Wrote Me Back'

The 'Glee' alum recalls the time when the Amazon CEO ghosted her when talking to anchor Poppy Harlow at SXSW.

AceShowbiz - Jeff Bezos is a really busy man to the point where he doesn't even have time to reply to e-mails from Gwyneth Paltrow. Talking to CNN anchor Poppy Harlow at SXSW on Monday morning, March 11, the blonde actress revealed that the Amazon CEO not only ghosted her once, but twice.

Paltrow explained that Bezos actually got in touch with her after she said in an interview with Wall Street Journal that Bezos once ghosted her in the past. "In the Wall Street Journal, they asked me about my mentors, like you have, and I said, 'Oh sometimes I, like, cold call people.' And they said, 'Well has anyone not called you back?' And I said, 'Yes, Jeff Bezos,' " the Goop creator told the audience at the Austin Convention Center.

The "Glee" alum went on explaining that she only got a reply from Bezos after the article was published last December. "I got an e-mail and the subject was 'Jeff Bezos.' And the sender was Jeff Bezos!" Paltrow continued. "The body of the e-mail said, 'Hi there Gwyneth, the Wall Street Journal told me you wanna talk to me.' "

Excited by the e-mail, the "Iron Man" star told him that she "would die for the opportunity to sit down and ask you a bunch of question," in replies to the e-mail. However, she never got the response that she had been waiting for. "He never wrote me back," Paltrow said. "He's got a lot going on."

When asked why she wanted to get a hold of the billionaire, Paltrow explained, "There are so many things I would wanna ask him. I guess fundamentally, he sort of gives himself license at every turn to go into every business and I would want to psychologically understand the why and the engine behind that, I'm just fascinated by him."

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