'American Idol' Recap: Judges Find 'the Next Kelly Clarkson'

Former 'American Idol' contestant Laine Hardy returns as he helps a friend to perform a song during her audition.

AceShowbiz - The auditions for season 17 of "American Idol" continued in the March 10 episode. Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie were back going around the country to find a hidden gem among the hopefuls, and it seemed like they did in the episode.

First up in the broadcast was Ashton Gill. She was joined by her friend and former "American Idol" contestant Laine Hardy as he played guitar in the performance. She sang Chris Stapleton's "Parachute" though she was a bit pitchy. But the judges had faith on her as they sent her to Hollywood.

The next singer was Austin Michael Robinson, who performed "Your Man" by Josh Turner. He made the judges laugh with his dance moves, but that only made Katy think that Josh needed some maturing before heading to the competition. While Katy voted no, the other two judges said yes to Josh. Josh was off to Hollywood!

Meanwhile, Jake Puliti hoped he impressed the judges with a unique rendition of "This Is How We Do It". It was so fun that Katy couldn't help but get up out of her chair and dance. Unsurprisingly, Jake also headed to Hollywood.

The episode also featured a montage of failed auditions before Shawn Robinson sang Jessie J's "Who We Are". He was given the Golden Ticket. His performance was followed by Nate Walker, who belted out "Say Something". The judges loved it and he unsurprisingly was sent to Hollywood.

Wade Cota opted for "Blame It on Me" which earned him three yes from all the judges. The next performer was Riley Thompson. She impressed the judges with an original song titled "Oh Daddy". She was set to join others in Hollywood.

Peter Lemongello Jr. later performed "I Can't Help Myself". Katy loved it, but Luke and Lionel didn't think that Peter was the right fit for "American Idol". As for Clay Page, he sang "Die a Happy Man" which wowed the judges. They gave him the Golden Ticket.

Drake McCain sang "His Eye Is on the Sparrow" during his audition. Additionally, he belted out "Oh Happy Day" that turned into a stunning duet with Katy. Though he still had some parts that he needed to work on, the judges gave him a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Madison Vanderburg totally blew the judges' mind as she offered them a powerful performance of "Speechless" by Dan + Shay. The three judges got goosebumps over her performance with Katy dubbing Madison "the next Kelly Clarkson." It's only natural for her to get sent to Hollywood.

Rounding out the night was Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, who sang his original song titled "Almost Heaven". It was such an emotional, beautiful song that made the judges swoon. Jeremiah was heading to Hollywood!

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