Jennie Garth Schools Trolls Attacking Her Over Lack of Luke Perry Tribute

Reacting to the negative comments she received in the wake of her late co-star's death, the former 'Beverly Hills, 90210' actress reminds others that he 'didn't give a f**k about social media.'

AceShowbiz - Jennie Garth has fired back at trolls who criticised her for not posting a tribute to her late co-star Luke Perry on social media.

The "Riverdale" star, 52, passed away on March 4, five days after suffering a stroke.

Jennie, who starred alongside Luke in the iconic U.S. teen drama series "Beverly Hills, 90210", chose to share a photo of her three daughters on Instagram to celebrate International Women's Day (March 08), and was slammed by her followers for apparently ignoring the actor's death.

"These women," Jennie captioned the sweet photo of daughters Luca, 21, Lola, 16, and Fiona, 12, whom she shares with ex-husband Peter Facinelli.

After being inundated with negative comments, Jennie decided to stand up to the trolls with a fiery message.

"Hi everyone... I chose to post a pic of my girls today. Because they are my life. Because today is a day to celebrate all women. It took a lot for me to want to celebrate anything," she wrote in the comments section on her photo.

"I thought about it and I know that's the way my dear friend would have wanted it. His kids were his life," Jennie added. "And anyone who knew him knows that and knows he didn't give a f*#k about social media."

"So please don't assume or judge or make rude comments. That's really uncool. Sincerely, Jennie."

Jennie Garth Responds to Criticism Over Lack of Luke Perry Tribute

Jennie Garth responds to criticism over lack of Luke Perry tribute.

The actress, 46, previously told People she was "heartbroken" over father-of-two Luke's sudden death.

"My heart is broken. He meant so much to so many. Such a very special person. I share my deep sadness with his family and all who loved him. Such a terrible loss," she sadly shared.

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