Selena Gomez Slams Snapchat for Setting Beauty Standards
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The 'Wolves' singer calls out the social media platform for changing her brown eyes into blue with its filters.

AceShowbiz - Selena Gomez is not a fan of Snapchat. The former "Wizards of Waverly Place" star has blasted the social media platform for setting beauty standards with its blue-eye filters. She's not happy that the filters she liked change her natural brown eyes into blue.

The 26-year-old singer/actress took to Instagram on Tuesday, March 5 to share clips of her trying out some Snap filters. She noticed that the "pretty" filters edited the user's eyes into blue. "Literally every single Snapchat filter has the blue eyes. What if you have brown eyes?! Am I supposed to have these eyes to look good?!" she asked in the clip.

Selena then tried out filters that made her look like an Easter Island statue and a giant-eyed, tiny-nosed humanoid. Those two filters are the only ones that don't change her brown eyes. "They should have more filters like this. Oh great and it's the only one that uses my brown eyes," she exclaimed. "I don't understand. They have all the blue eyes for all the ones that are like really pretty and then I put on this and it's like BROWN... BROWN EYES."

Once the most followed person on Instagram, she chose to stick to the photo-sharing site. "I think I'll just stick to the 'gram. Brown eyes are beautiful, everyone," she declared, reminding others to embrace their natural beauty.

Selena is currently the second most followed female on Instagram, after Ariana Grande surpassed the number of her Instagram followers in late February. Cristiano Ronaldo, meanwhile, is the most-followed person on Instagram, the title which Selena relinquished to the soccer superstar last October.

Selena took a break from the social media site in September 2018 before checking into a mental health facility following a breakdown due to her hospitalizations. She returned to Instagram earlier this year after completing her treatment and has since been using the platform to promote her latest projects as well as to share photos of her personal life.

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