'The Bachelor': Police Almost Involved After Colton Underwood Shockingly Jumped the Fence
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Host Chris Harrison reveals that he was in panic after he realized that this could lead to a more serious case if Colton got lost on the dark street in Portugal.

AceShowbiz - The Sunday, March 3 episode of "The Bachelor" featured one particular scene that most Bachelor Nation were curious about after it was first glimpsed in the teaser. It was when Colton Underwood, the Bachelor of this current season 23, had an emotional night after a contestant left him during the Fantasy Suite date, prompting him to storm off and jump over the fence.

His action was extremely shocking to the producers as well as host Chris Harrison, who was heard cursing -- something that he rarely does on the ABC show. Talking to Entertainment News, he revealed that he just happened to be nearby the set though he was not ready to go on camera.

"I happened to be there, and as you saw, I was kind of in street clothes...wasn't exactly dressed to go on," Chris told the site of the iconic moment. "But when things started taking the direction they were, and I saw him throw off his mic and start walking out, I'm like, let me go talk to him. So I start walking down this driveway, about a 100 yards or so, and I thought OK, well there's the fence, so he's gonna stop...and you saw what happened. He was up and over. It was pretty spectacular."

Chris initially thought that "there were people on the other side. I thought he was pissed at me and pissed at us and just needed his moment, but there were people there." He went on saying, "When I opened the gate and I realized everyone was gone, and it was just darkness in the middle of Portugal...he was just a ghost, gone."

Later, he realized that this could lead to a more serious case if Colton got lost. "After a few minutes, I quickly realized we lost the Bachelor. Like we don't know where he is at all, and we're yelling and we're running around, I thought I heard him, I thought I heard some dogs, so I'm sprinting down the street, and I'm yelling his name like a lunatic."

Chris then revealed that he contacted the folks in the United States, adding that he almost called the authorities for the matter. "I'm like, at some point, we have to call the authorities. We decided we were going to give it about five more minutes and we were going to call the cops," he explained.

"Inevitably things happen that you just don't foresee happening, and once again, it's just a situation we've never faced before, and he truly, at that time, was done. 100% done. And what unfolds is unbelievably raw, emotional. It's not pretty, on any of our parts--the producers, myself, Colton. We just were like, let's just let it all hang out. I think you're gonna see it, warts and all," Chris concluded.

"The Bachelor: Women Tell All" is set to air tonight at 8 P.M., while the two-night finale is set to arrive on Monday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 12 at 8 P.M. on ABC.

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