Nicole Scherzinger Calls Leaking of Intimate Lewis Hamilton Video 'Horrible'

Two weeks after a clip of her making out with her ex-boyfriend surfaced online, the former member of The Pussycat Dolls breaks her silence about the hack attack.

AceShowbiz - Singer Nicole Scherzinger is still reeling from the recent leak of private videos featuring the pop star passionately kissing her ex Lewis Hamilton.

The footage, believed to have been filmed on Nicole's phone, surfaced online last month (February 2019) and showed the former The Pussycat Dolls beauty talking to the camera, before cutting to a separate clip of her making out with her former boyfriend, Formula 1 champion Lewis, while lying in a bed.

The short film did not contain any explicit acts, but having the video leaked without her permission has left Nicole distraught, because she doesn't know why anyone would target the pair.

Breaking her silence about the hack attack, Nicole tells The Sun, "It's been horrible. I genuinely don't understand why someone would do something like this, or why they would leak it. It's an unbelievably mean thing to do."

Lewis has yet to comment on the video, which emerged four years after the on/off couple called it quits for good, following more than seven years together.

Nicole's remarks come days after former high school teacher Christopher Brannan was sentenced to serve almost three years behind bars for hacking into the private digital accounts of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, among others, back in 2014.

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