Ryan Adams Pressed to Cancel Glasgow Show Amid Sexual Harassment Investigation

A spokesperson for Scottish Labour's equalities urges the 'Candy' singer to pull the plug on his Royal Concert Hall gig, and a founder of Empowered Woman Project advises organizers to do the same.

AceShowbiz - Ryan Adams is being urged to cancel a string of upcoming appearances in the U.K. and Ireland while the FBI investigates a number of allegations of harassment against him.

The singer-songwriter has been accused of emotional and psychological abuse by seven women, including his ex-wife Mandy Moore.

The "Candy" singer made the claims in a damning New York Times article, which Adams later labelled as being "upsettingly inaccurate".

Despite Adams' denials, his career appears to be in limbo following the expose, with reports suggesting that his new record Big Colors is "on hold".

Campaigners are now calling for the 44-year-old singer to cancel his upcoming U.K. and Ireland tour dates, with the Sunday Mail reporting that Scottish Labour's equalities spokesperson Rhoda Grant has suggested he cancel a planned show at Glasgow's publicly-funded Royal Concert Hall on 9 April.

"Maybe the sensible thing to do is to pull the plug until the allegations have been investigated," Grant remarked. "Everyone is innocent until proven guilty but public organisations need to hold themselves to a higher ­standard and should not be seen to be condoning such behaviour."

Despite the event having sold out, Mandy Jones, founder of the Empowered Woman Project, has urged organisers to pull the plug on the gig.

"The ­allegations against him are very worrying and, if true, suggest someone who knows how to use his power to exercise control," Moore noted.

"I don't see how a ­concert could go ahead with ­allegations like this hanging over him. I hope the organisers see sense and cancel it."

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