Lil Pump Threatens to Sue 'Racist' Cop for Accusing Him of Carrying Weed - Watch Wild Video

In footage of his Miami arrest, one officer can be seen declaring that the marijuana bag is the rapper's despite his continuous denial, telling him, 'It's your bag now.'

AceShowbiz - In late last year, Lil Pump got in troubles with the police at Miami International Airport as he was suspected to bring a bag of marijuana. Footage of the rapper being detained by the authorities have now made its way online, showing one officer getting into a shouting match with him. This prompted Pump to threaten to sue the cop.

In the video, which was first shared by TMZ, Pump was seen arguing with responding officers at the airport while insisting that the bag did not belong to him. It's clear that he grew frustrated as his manager came to his defense saying that he knows him for years and insisted that the bag was not Pump's. Eventually, one officer got in his face and yelled, "Calm down!"

Pump still insisted that the bag was not belong to him, but the cops didn't seem to believe him at all. "I don't care. It's your bag now," the officer said before arresting him and his manager for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

The "Butterfly Effect" rapper took notice of the video and re-shared it on his Instagram account. In the caption, he declared his plan to sue the cop who got into shouting match with him. "DIRTY A** [pig emoji] SAID 'ITS YOUR BAG NOW' THIS RACIST S**T NEEDA STOP LAWSUIT ON DA WAY," he wrote.

At the time, both Pump and his manager entered not guilty pleas after the bag was later determined to have belonged to someone else on his team.

This wasn't the first time the "Gucci Gang" hitmaker faced similar problems with the law. He was arrested in Denmark that same month after one of his team members was seen "holding something illegal." Police subsequently banned him and his crew from returning to the country after that.

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