'Married at First Sight' Recap: Kate Faces Luke's Unsupportive Mom, Kristine Dubs Keith 'Sexist'

Conflict arises between Kristine and Keith after the former feels that her husband doesn't try to help her with stuff at home.

AceShowbiz - "Married at First Sight" season 8 returned with a new episode on Tuesday, February 19. The new episode of the Lifetime series featured Kristine and Keith's first fight, while Jasmine and Will learned how to compromise with each other.

Conflict arose between Kristine and Keith after the former felt that her husband didn't try to help her with stuff at home. Getting sick of cooking all the time, Kristine brought up the issue to Keith, who later complained about having to do so many dishes.

His reaction made Kristine felt that Keith only saw her as the replacement of his grandma. "It's almost sexist, and it bothers me. I feel like he wants me to be, like, this 1950s housewife," she revealed. "I have so much more going for myself, and this is all you focused on?"

Kristine, however, was later able to gain "a lot more empathy" for her husband after he told her that he had to be a parent to his dad, who wasn't there for him and that the space his mom and grandma made feel safe for him.

As for Luke and Kate, the two paid a visit to Luke's parent's house. The visit was enjoyable, with Kate saying, "As I'm sitting here, I realized this is exactly what I was looking for. This is what I hoped our marriage would be." But all that changed after she met Luke's mom.

His mom had always manage to bring up scenarios about the possibility of failing their marriage. She also called the process a "mockery of marriage." Kate said, "I feel like his mom was kind of just checking in on how I would feel after this ends. Nobody thinks this is going to work out."

Jasmine and Will, meanwhile, went to her aunt's house. Her family warmly accepted Will and suggested Jasmine that she needed to listen to her husband, much to her dismay. "I'm feeling a little betrayed," she shared. "I don't need to listen to Will, he needs to listen to me."

But she slowly changed her mind after her family explained to her the importance of communication. "I am learning that you have to compromise. I am going to listen to my husband … it might be hard at first," she said.

AJ and Stephanie learned more of each other with the former sharing his near-death experience when he was younger. AJ told his wife that he was once ejected from a motorcycle that almost killed him. "I said, 'There's no way I could be alive,' " he recalled.

He explained that he felt so lucky to be alive and that was why he had such a bright personality. "That's why I'm so energetic and happy, because I'm so happy to be alive," he said.

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