Besides school shooting and police brutality, the video also tackles the immigration issue where children are separated from their parents.

AceShowbiz - John Legend uses his latest music video as a chance to address the ongoing social issues that have been concerning many people in the United States. Making its way out on Friday, February 15, the music video for "Preach" tackles on things like school shooting and criminal justice.

Directed by Dominique DeLeon, the visuals opens with John lying awake in bed beside his wife Chrissy Teigen, before getting up to walk into what appears to be a school gymnasium. There, he sees students fleeing from an apparent shooter in panic. The scene then changes to show two African-American men getting stopped by police during traffic, with one man getting shot dead by one officer.

There is also a scene of children being separated from their parents at the border as well as John joining forces with other people to confront the police while singing the song. "All I hear is voices/ Everybody's talking/ Nothing real is happening, cause nothing is new," he rhymes. "Now when all is tragic/ And I just feel sedated/ Why do I feel so numb? Is that all I can do? Yeah."

Talking about the song in a statement, John said, "The idea behind the song is that sometimes we can get so frustrated by the news and what's going on and there's this scatter going on in ourselves. Do we become apathetic? Do we become engaged? Do we just talk about it, or do we do something?" The singer added the hashtag #CantJustPreach.

Along with the release of the song and music video, John launch fundraising campaign called "Practice What You Preach," setting the goal of $50,000. The money will go to FREEAMERICA, which aims to give a platform to those impacted most by the criminal justice system and those who are working to change it.

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