Inside What Mo'Nique Feels About Steve Harvey's Apology in Heated Interview: 'She Needs More Time'

According to a source, the Oscar-winning comedienne was hurt so much when the host publicly criticized her amid blackballing claims, adding that she thought it was a 'huge betrayal.'

AceShowbiz - Mo'Nique and Steve Harvey made headlines after footage of their intense conversation on the latter's talk show "Steve" aired on Wednesday, February 13. In the episode, the two talked about Mo'Nique allegedly being blackballed in Hollywood after she refused to campaign for her 2010 Best Supporting Actress Oscar for "Precious".

She told the host, whom she feels like a brother to her, that she was hurt when the comedian threw her under the bus publicly. After an extremely heated argument which saw her threatening to "punch" Steve on the mouth, Steve suggested Mo'Nique to apologize to some people, including Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels, so that they all could move forward. Steve also apologized to her for not reaching out to her before criticizing her.

But how does Mo'Nique take the apology? "Mo'nique appreciated Steve's apology and their conversation has started the process of repairing the damage to their relationship but no, I wouldn't say she has forgiven him, not yet. He hurt her so much, she trusted him like family so when he didn't have her back, when he said what he said, it was a huge betrayal," a source close to the 51-year-old commedienne tells

"She does feel his apology was sincere and they’re on the road to fixing their relationship, but she needs more time, and more action on his part, to really, truly forgive him," the source continues.

In the interview, Mo'Nique told Steve, "When you went on the air and said, 'My sister burned too many bridges and there's nothing I can do for her now,' do you know how hurt I was?" she explained. The 62-year-old host then responded, saying that "we can't cure darkness with more darkness."

Steve also said that he didn't like the fact that they were arguing, though Mo'Nique said she wouldn't call it arguing. "You and your sister.. we havin' a conversation, and Mommy and Daddy ain't here right now, and I'm getting ready to punch you in your mouth," Mo'Nique exclaimed.

He continued saying, "I don't like the fact you've been blackballed…I want this to end for you. Because I love you. Because these people are doing it the wrong way and you're better than that. I probably should've called you as soon as it happened, but I didn't. When I did, I listened to you, but I told you in the beginning we're going about this the wrong way."

At the end of the interview, Steve said, "These people owe you an apology. You owe those people an apology. Then we can move forward." He went on promising Mo'Nique, "Then I'm gonna ask them to say it publicly so you can get the release that you need."

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