Tekashi69 Allegedly Beats Ex-Girlfriend and Forces Her to Have Sex

Additionally, the 'FEFE' rapper accuses Sara Molina of having an affair with his manager, Kifano 'Shotti' Jordan.

AceShowbiz - Tekashi69 a.k.a. 6ix9ine's ex-girlfriend is making huge allegations against the rapper. Sara Molina, who shares three-year-old daughter Saraiyah with the "FEFE" star, claimed in a new interview that she was physically abused at the hands of the rapper during their sever-year relationship.

Speaking to Daily Beast, the 23-year-old recalled one particular alleged assault which occured in October 2018. According to Sara, Tekashi, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, assaulted her at the hotel in Dubai, where "he punches me out of nowhere." She continued saying that he punched her so hard that it drove a hair extension clip into her scalp.

"So I was leaking blood," she shared. "There was blood on the hotel pillow cases. He got scared."

Sara then planned to get back to New York, but Tekashi allegedly stopped her. "He basically was telling me I can't, he was sorry," she went on saying. "He convinced me to stay."

The rapper allegedly confronted her about a guy. Noting that she previously saw pictures of Tekashi cavorting in Dubai with two young women, Sara added, "And he's punching me in the head because a guy talking to me."

Additionally, Tekashi accused her of having an affair with his manager, Kifano "Shotti" Jordan. Sara also said that the rapper confessed to her that he had been sleeping with more than 70 women in the past year, hoping that Sara would admitted her alleged affair. "Basically, he admitted to me he is a sex addict," Sara said, adding that he told her he had acquired multiple STDs.

He reportedly went on confronting her about Shotti affair, and when she denied, he beat her. "He started to punch me again," she said. "He started beating me for two hours straight."

Sara continued saying, "He had the craziest look in his eyes. I was scared. 'Why is he acting this way?' I had never seen him like that. He punched me so hard in my right ear I thought I was deaf." She then added that he pressed a pillow over her face because "this was his way of telling me to stop screaming."

They later ended up on the bed and "he put his arm around my neck and started choking me," Sara claimed. "He said, 'I just have to make an example. I can't have you out there, making me look stupid.' "

The next morning, "He woke up, forced me to have sex with him. I cried," Sara said. "My face was so swollen. It was so bad. I could barely open my eyes."

In addition to two black eyes, Sara revealed her right ear was purplish black and her arms and back were covered with bruises. "I tried to cover my face with makeup and I couldn't," she remembered. "Nothing was working. I didn't bring makeup on my trip to cover up black-and-blue. He told me, 'Tell me what you need. I’ll go to the mall and get it.' "

Tekashi is currently in prison as he awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to multiple accounts of racketeering, firearms charges, and trafficking narcotics.

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