Fan's Tweets About Sitting Next to Timothee Chalamet on Three-Hour Flight Go Viral
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Recalling her experience, the said fan says that she asks the actor a few questions and has an exciting discussion about 'The Office'.

AceShowbiz - Stumbling upon your idols on a flight is not something uncommon, but when you actually get to sit next to them and even have casual conversation, that is something to be freaked out about. A Twitter user who goes by the name Alankrutha experienced this as she got to sit next to Timothee Chalamet on an economy class flight for three hours.

Sharing her story on the micro-blogging site, she confessed that she actually didn't realize that the guy sitting beside her was the "Call Me by Your Name" actor. However, she did try to talk to him because she thought he looked like "an actual angel." That was when she realized that the person beside him was indeed Timothee. Noticing that he didn't want to be disturbed, she tried to keep herself busy by doing other things, but still stole glances here and there.

When Timothee asked her when the flight was going to land, the Twitter user couldn't hold back her thought and said, "I KNOW U R TIMOTHEE." She said that the actor laughed and told her that he was indeed Timothee. They shook hands after that and started having casual conversation. The fan asked him a few questions, including why he was sitting in an economy class or whether he had met Beyonce Knowles. They also had an exciting discussion about "The Office".

However, the two did not only talked about his life and things that they both like. Alankrutha said that the "Lady Bird" star also asked her about her personal life and she was so shocked about it. "What shocks me the most is this dude wanted to know about me. He asked me what I do, what project management is about (literally who cares Timothee), where I grew up and PRONOUNCED MY NAME RIGHT," she said.

When the flight landed, Alankrutha recalled speaking with the actor for a little bit, with him wishing her luck for her career. He also told her that she was the only one who recognized him and asked if she wanted to take a picture, to which she immediately agreed. She attached the said picture on her thread.

"MORAL OF THE STORY if you work hard enough and never leave your house, you might stumble upon @RealChalamet on a flight and proceed to ask him who the most famous celeb on his phone is *THE END*," she concluded her story.

Her thread has been retweeted by more than three thousand people and garnered over twenty thousand likes.

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