Luke Bryan's Wife Admits She's Still Hurt by Past Miscarriage
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During an episode of the 'Get Real -w- Caroline Hobby' podcast, Caroline Boyer reveals that the 'Light It Up' hitmaker 'didn't really know how to comfort' her for the loss of their second child.

AceShowbiz - Country superstar Luke Bryan's wife has gone public with her miscarriage heartache after losing the couple's second child early on in their marriage.

Caroline Boyer reveals she became pregnant with the couple's first son, Thomas Boyer Bryan, shortly after becoming husband and wife in 2006, and not long after giving birth to the boy, they discovered she had conceived again.

However, their unborn child didn't survive.

"When (Thomas) was born, he was a surprise," she said on an episode of the "Get Real -w- Caroline Hobby" podcast. "I got pregnant when we had been married for six months. I was not expecting that at all, and then we had a miscarriage. I knew it wasn't my fault."

However, the "Play It Again" hitmaker "didn't really know how to comfort" her during the ordeal almost a decade ago.

"He just didn't get it, but as girls, when you go through it and you lose it (the baby), there is a loss and it sucks and it hurts," she shared.

Despite the tragic loss, Caroline insists she was not afraid to try again and jokes she easily became pregnant with the couple's son Tatum Christopher Bryan.

"I'll tell people that's the one easy part of our life," she continued. "We're so fertile I wash our underwear separately!".

However, Caroline still feels the pain from losing the baby several years ago: "I've only lost one, but it does, it just sucks, it just hurts," she added.

In addition to the couple's two sons, Caroline and Luke also raise their nieces and nephews following the deaths of his sister and brother.

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