Marie Kondo Finds Dead Cockroach While Tidying Up Jimmy Kimmel's Office

During the process, Kondo also shuts down a wrong rumor about her regarding keeping not mora than 30 books.

AceShowbiz - Jimmy Kimmel is receiving an aide in tidying up his office. For that, he enlists help from Marie Kondo of Netflix's "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" to figure out things that do not spark joy for him.

First, the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host told the "Spark Joy" author and her translator Marie Iida that he had nightmare before she came to his office. "Can I be very honest with you? I had a nightmare about this the other night. I woke up upset because I dreamed you came into my office and started destroying things," Kimmel said.

Kondo then said, through her translator, "What's important with my method is that you will be the one doing all the hard work for me. Actually, I never enforce anybody to throw anything away." Before kicking off the process, Jimmy and Kondo sit in a circle alongside his assistants to "send a little love and appreciate" the office.

They then headed to Kimmel's dressing closet where Kondo found a bunch of black socks. Kondo asked Kimmel to show his gratitude to them. "Thanks, socks, for always being there in the drawer. And protecting my feet and keeping them warm," Kimmel finally said after hesitating for a few seconds.

During the process, Kondo also shut down a wrong rumor about her. Kimmel asked her about the rumor that swept the internet saying that Kondo believes that people should have just "30 books." Responding to that, Kondo said through her translator, "I don't know where that rumor came from, it's a complete misconception."

Kimmel, however, shocked Kondo when she found a dead cockroach in the corner of the room when he wanted to show her his emergency ladder. With the help of Kondo, Kimmel also found a better spot to place a sculpture of his grandfather's head. "I feel more stable emotionally now," Kimmel told Kondo at the end of her visit.

The video then revealed what his office looked like three days later. It looked nice and tidied up, except that it only lasted for 2 days.

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