Robbie Williams Reminds Fans He Has Kids in Response to Cocaine Use Question
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While he says that his heart can't keep up with drugs at his age, the judge on 'The X Factor' tells the two 20-year-old fans to 'carry on' and 'have a great time.'

AceShowbiz - Robbie Williams has discussed drug use with two male fans during a live video post on Instagram.

"The X Factor" judge hosted a brief Instagram live session on Wednesday evening (January 23) during which he was filmed candidly speaking to two male fans.

As he sat in the passenger seat of a moving car in America, Robbie spoke to some of his 1.7 million fans, including the two men who asked him about drug use.

"Which gear should I be on you were asking me? I know it is a gag, but are you talking like steroids, or speed or weed?" Robbie answered. Laughing, the young men replied, "No it was cocaine... that is what we call it."

Father-of-three Williams, who has been open about his previous battles with drink and drugs, said, "Oh I see... not for a long, long time."

"It has been a... look, I am 44 and when you get to 44 the heart can't keep up with that s**t. I have got kids."

The "Rock DJ" singer then asked the men their age, to which they replied they were 20. The singer told them, "you're good, carry on, have a great time, write it all down so you can have it in your memoirs."

Williams, who is a judge on British TV talent show "The X Factor" alongside his wife, Ayda Field, then moved on to discussing alcoholic drinks.

He said, "Rum is great. Whisky is just f**king weird. Rum is a lot of fun. Do you drink Drambuie?"

"I mean not that you would ever take ecstasy, but it goes very well with ecstasy. Not that you ever would."

Williams added, "Awful, don't do it."

The "Angels" singer was admitted to a rehab facility in Arizona in 2007 after taking speed, acid, heroin, cocaine and "heart-stopping" amounts of prescription drugs.

In a 2016 interview with The Sun, he admitted that although he's happily given up alcohol and cocaine, he still thinks about ecstasy.

A representative for Williams has not yet responded to WENN's request for comment.

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