Internet Celebrates After Spotify Introduces Mute and Block Features

Many have taken to social media to show off the musicians they block from the streaming services, with the majority of it being Tekashi69 and R. Kelly among others.

AceShowbiz - Amidst the ongoing "Mute R. Kelly" campaign, Spotify has made it easier for its users to mute musicians they don't like. The music streaming service has quietly introduced a new feature which allows users to block any artist from automatically playing on the platform's playlists, charts, radio options as well as users' personal libraries.

The feature is available in the menu area for every artist where users simply need to click the "Don't play this artist" button to activate the feature. Users can also deactivate this feature by pressing the "Remove" button. However, it should be noted that the blocked artists will no longer appear in searches, playlists, charts and radio. Their songs just won't get played unless users manually click on it.

Furthermore, the function won't mute artist features, meaning there's still a chance for users to hear the artist whom they block on someone else's songs. In addition, it's apparently only available on mobile, but once an artist is blocked for an account, it will also apply to the desktop player.

Still, many are delighted by this news as people take to social media to express their happiness about the new feature that has been requested for a while. "I'm so glad that spotify is adding a 'block this artist' feature so I will never be forced to listen to 6ix9ine or r kelley ever again," one user tweeted. "Spotify is finally letting us block whichever artists we don't want to hear from and it's AMAZING," another tweeted.

There were also people who immediately showed off which artists they blocked on the streaming platform, with the majority of it being R. Kelly, Tekashi69, Chris Brown and XXXTentacion. "Hello yes Spotify just released a block artist feature so we're leaving Chris Brown and R Kelly in 2018 cause WE ARE AVOIDING ABUSERS AND RAPISTS IN THE NEW Year," one said.

Spotify did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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