Kailyn Lowry Says Jenelle Evans and Mom Don't Apologize to Her After Murder Joke

Responding to the 'joke,' Kailyn reveals she refuses to film 'Teen Mom 2' unless the MTV reality series do something about it, adding that she's 'done trying to ignore their behavior.'

AceShowbiz - Jenelle Evans and her mom Barbara have taken their feud with Kailyn Lowry to a whole another level. On Saturday, January 19, the "Teen Mom 2" star and her mom did an Instagram Live while sitting at their kitchen counter eating pizza. The mother and daughter duo appeared under influence as at one point, Barbara made a controversial joke about her daughter's nemesis and fellow "Teen Mom 2" star.

"F**k Kail, I'll kill her," she said before laughing it off. Jenelle responded, "You can't say that s**t." Later Barbara got a phone call and it was from Brittany DeJesus, Briana DeJesus' sister. "Earlier I was talking to Brittany, Briana's sister and I said that I wanted to kill Kailyn," Barbara explained. "Everybody took it out of perspective. That's not really what I meant. It was a joke."

Jenelle further defended her mom, saying that it was because she "has not been on Instagram or Facebook in a long time." She continued, "The old generation, you just got to give them the benefit of the doubt. They don't know what they're talking about, they don't know that this s**t will be taken seriously if they say it."

Barbara explained herself again, saying, "It was only a joke. I was being sarcastic and everyone freaks out like I want to go kill the girl. C'mon I've known the girl for 10 years. That's crazy s**t."

Not long after the controversial Live video, Kailyn took to Twitter to address the "joke." Responding to a fan's tweet, she wrote, "I heard barb wants to kill me." She added in a separate tweet, "Are drunk words sober thoughts?"

In addition, Kailyn reveals to HollywoodLife.com that she refuses to film "Teen Mom 2" unless the MTV reality series do something about it. "It's just the principle. I'm done taking the high road and trying to ignore their behavior," she adds. When asked if Jenelle and her mom have reached out to apologize, Kailyn responded, "They absolutely did not."

Meanwhile, Jenelle continues insisting that her mom's remarks are nothing but jokes. "My mom and I are out of town for a mother/daughter weekend and filming our trip," she explains to the site. "We had some drinks at dinner and came back to the Airbnb to drink a little more. I randomly got on Instagram and saw Brittany [DeJesus] was live so I decided to join in, especially since my mom was with me."

"We were all chatting, I have no idea how Kail got brought up, but when my mom heard her name she immediately said, 'F**k Kail, I'll kill her Hahahaha' in a joking way," she went on saying. "My mom did NOT mean that in a bad way. She is really upset everyone took it the wrong way and is still upset about it at this moment."

Jenelle also said that "Teen Mom 2" producer called her mom about the jokes. "My producer understood and just reminded my mom not to use those types of words because of how offended the world gets these days," she revealed. "We haven't received anymore calls from our other producers so I guess they know my mom's intentions were just to make a joke. My mom doesn't like Kail because my mom knows that Kail is a troublemaker and experienced it firsthand at the last reunion that I did not attend last season."

Jenelle then slammed Kailyn for "overreacting" despite knowing her mom's personality. "Kail wants any reason to have pity on her or have attention on her in any way, shape, or form. We don't like her, but we wouldn't ever physically harm her. Kail is the one that threatens to 'throw hands,' not us," she alleged.

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