'AGT' Winner Terry Fator Calls His Mom's Elder Abuse Allegations an Attempt to Obtain Financial Gain
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The ventriloquist who won 'America's Got Talent' season 2 is accused of abuse, bullying and harassment to 'obstruct and prevent his Mother from investigating the death of her daughter' in his home.

AceShowbiz - "America's Got Talent" alum Terry Fator is accused of elder abuse by his own mother and obstructing her attempt to investigate the death of her daughter in Terry's home. Marie Fator Sligh has filed a lawsuit against her son, seeking to cut ties with the ventriloquist.

The complaint filed by Marie in federal court on Wednesday, January 16 states, "In a final desperate attempt to stop Defendant Terry Fator-Son's continued abuse, bullying and harassment as documented in this lawsuit, Plaintiff Marie Fator Sligh-Mother prays the court will terminate any and all parental ties and relationship she has with Defendant Terry Fator."

In the court documents obtained by E! News, Marie claims that Terry's actions "are detrimental to the health and well-being of" her. She additionally alleges that the winner of the NBC competition show season 2 uses "his wealth and the legal system to defame, bully, torment, harass and intimidate Plaintif to obstruct and prevent his Mother from investigating the death of her daughter in Defendant's home; and for refusing to work with his Mother to resolve their problems privately thereby causing his elderly Mother extreme fear, humiliation, anxiety, embarrassment and financial difficulty."

The documents also detail Terry's relationship with his sister Deborah Fator Beard (Marie's daughter) prior to her death. "Prior to her death, Defendant-Son had cut his sister out of his life in August 2011, refusing all contact with her until December 2014," the docs state. "On December 7, 2014, Defendant-Son called Plaintiff-Mother and said he thought it was time he re-establish a relationship with his sister and let her back in his life."

In May 2015, Deborah moved in with Terry in Las Vegas, and six weeks later she was "found dead in her bedroom at Defendant's home," so the documents state. Insisting that Marie "had reason to be concerned about her daughter's death," the lawsuit continues, "After his sister's death, Defendant-Son rejected all of Plaintiff-Mother's pleas to meet with her and answer questions about what happened during the days before his sister died, and during the thirty-six (36) hours and possibly up to three (3) days that she lay dead in her bedroom."

Terry has responded to the allegations, calling them "baseless" and alleging that it's an attempt to obtain financial gain from him. "This is not the first time that Ms. Sligh has surfaced with these sorts of baseless and defamatory allegations against Mr. Fator in an effort to extract unwarranted financial concessions from him," his representative says in a statement.

Terry's rep also counters his mother's claim by bringing up a restraining order issued against Marie in 2017. The rep adds, "In the face of similar conduct by Ms. Sligh in the past, on February 6, 2017 the District Court of Clark County Nevada entered a judgment against Ms. Sligh that included a Restraining Order prohibiting her from having any contact with Mr. Fator or appearing within 250 yards of his residence, place of business or place of employment. Mr. Fator has no intention of dignifying Ms. Sligh's latest unfounded claims with any further comment."

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