Millie Bobby Brown Admits Mistake in Defending Penn Badgley's 'You' Character
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After being met with backlash for insisting that Joe Goldberg 'isn't creepy', the 'Stranger Things' star admits that she 'gathered an analysis' after watching only two episodes.

AceShowbiz - Millie Bobby Brown has apologised after causing controversy by saying that Penn Badgley's stalker character in Netflix series "You", "isn't creepy".

The "Stranger Things" star hit headlines when she weighed in on Penn's character Joe, who develops an unhealthy and deadly obsession with Elizabeth Lail's Guinevere Beck.

"So I just started that new show You. He's not creepy. He's in love with her, and it's OK," she said in a video posted on her Instagram Story. "So I'm obsessed with it, I'm binge-watching it, absolute banger, Netflix."

In a second clip, Millie stated: "I know everybody's going to say, 'Uh, he's a stalker, why would you support that?' No, like, he's in love with her. And it's just like, just watch the show and don't judge me on my opinions."

Many of her followers quickly slammed the actress for romanticising stalking with her comments, with one writing: "Just heard about the Millie Bobby Brown/YOU thing and I'm just so horrified I don't have words. Stop romanticising and normalising abusive, unhealthy behaviour."

"millie bobby brown saying the guy from you is 'cute' and 'doing nothing wrong' because he's 'in love' actually scares me jfc he's literally a disgusting predator and she's 14 someone protect her help," another wrote.

Following the backlash, Millie returned to Instagram to apologise - admitting that she'd only been two episodes into the series when she made her first critique. After watching the entire series, she backtracked on her initial declaration.

"So I just finished You. And I guess the other day I made a video, I was on episode two, I guess I gathered an analysis too quickly," she admitted. "I watched episode 10 - most definitely is a stalker. But it was a really great show. So I'm really excited for season two. My bad if I upset anyone."

Penn will be reprising his character for a second season of the Netflix show, which will see Joe head to Los Angeles.

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