Wells Adams Calls Radio Hosts 'D**k' for Criticizing Sarah Hyland Romance
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'The Bachelorette' alum is not having it after Bobby Bones, Lunchbox and Amy Brown suggest the 'Modern Family' star will buy her own engagement rings instead of him.

AceShowbiz - Wells Adams is not having it when former co-workers criticize his relationship with Sarah Hyland in public. "The Bachelorette" alum has clapped back at "The Bobby Bones Show" hosts Bobby Bones, Lunchbox and Amy Brown for implying that Adams was benefiting financially from his romance with the "Modern Family" actress.

The radio hosts made the comment in a recent episode of their show, discussing engagement rumors between the couple. Lunchbox suggested that Hyland would be the one buying her engagement rings instead of Adams, before dissing the "Bachelor in Paradise" bartender for living in Hyland's house. "He probably had a one bedroom apartment here in Nashville and now he's living in a mansion with a multimillionaire," he said at the time, adding that Adams "works out of [Hyland's] house."

In response to the radio hosts' claim, Adams told co-host Brandi Cyrus on "Your Favorite Things" podcast that his "pet peeve" was when people assumed "Sarah pays for everything." He added in the January 16 episode, "The 'he's going to use her money to buy the ring,' beside for the fact that it's kind of mean, what's funny to me is it's all about money for them. It had to be, like, the apartment that I lived in, not the house that I owned. Oh, don't forget it's her house..."

"Can I go on the record right here? I will pay for this ring, I promise you. It will come out of my bank account," he continued. "I guess the thing that, like grinds my gears the most about is anytime I seen anyone from that show, they're so nice to me. They're so nice to my face. Like if you're going to be a d**k, be a d**k all the time."

Adams went on revealing that he actually showed the diss to Hyland, who told him, "I'm f***ing going after those guys."

However, Bones have since denied dissing Adams on his radio show, accusing the latter of attempting "to start something with me for this press." He added, "But I like the guy. I got no beef. Actually when all of this below was said, I disagreed with it."

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