Alexis Skyy Is Not Using Rob Kardashian for Clout Despite Popular Belief
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A source claims that the 24-year-old 'Love and Hip Hop' star genuinely likes the youngest Kardashian sibling.

AceShowbiz - It's been only days since Rob Kardashian is reportedly dating Alexis Skyy, but her news has been making headlines for various topics. The two started hanging out together after Rob revealed that the "Love and Hip Hop" star, who was involved in a brawl with Rob's baby mama Blac Chyna, as his WCW. With that, many think that Alexis may use Ron for fame.

However, a source claims to that the 24-year-old genuinely likes the youngest Kardashian sibling. "Alexis and Rob have been seeing each other for a little while, it's not as new as everyone thinks, and she really likes," the insider insists. "Alexis isn't using Rob for fame, not at all."

Although Alexis is "a very sweet girl" who can be "ambitious" at times, the insider notes that she is "not at the expense of the people in her life." The insider goes on saying, "Her daughter is the center of her world and that's something she and Rob bonded over right away because he's the same way about his little girl."

She used to date Fetty Wap for a few years before she put her love life on the back burner in 2018 when she gave birth to their daughter Alaiya prematurely at just 23 weeks last January. She brought her little baby home in May 2018 after five months in the NICU and four brain surgeries. Rob is said to be admiring Alexis' devotion to her baby.

"Alexis and Fetty Wap are not together at all right now. She's not bitter or angry with him, but after everything she went through with him the main thing she's looking for in a man is someone she can rely on, someone who's solid and committed to her," the source adds. "If Rob treats her right then he has a real shot with her. She's a sweetheart so hopefully he won't mess this up."

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