'To Catch a Predator' Host Chris Hansen Faces Eviction and Divorce After Arrest

The TV journalist allegedly owes $4,000 in rent for his Manhattan apartment after he's arrested for issuing bad checks to cover a $13k tab for merchandise.

AceShowbiz - The troubles that Chris Hansen is facing keep coming. After he's arrested for bounced checks, the "To Catch a Predator" host is facing eviction from his Manhattan home. The 59-year-old television journalist last paid rent for the apartment in New York City in August 2018.

According to TMZ, Chris was $400 short for August and stopped making payments after that. In October, the landlord filed paperwork to have Chris evicted and says that Chris also owes $3,600 for September.

Last week, a judge ordered Chris out of the apartment and he was given 10 days to vacate. His last day to vacate is Friday, January 18, with city marshals set to perform removal services on that day.

As if losing a home is not bad enough, Chris is also on the brink of losing his wife. The "Crime Watch Daily" host is reportedly in a divorce process with Mary Joan Hansen, his wife of 30 years. She reportedly filed for divorce before his arrest.

In court documents obtained by Radar Online, Mary Joan ended their marriage in June 2018, claiming that their "marriage has broken down irretrievably." She requested alimony and "a fair division of property and debts."

The estranged couple met for mediation talks to work out "financial disputes" on Tuesday, January 15 and will return to court later this month. They have two sons who are both adults now, so there's no discussion of child support or custody.

The divorce came years after Chris was caught cheating on his wife with NBC's anchor Kristyn Caddell. The National Enquirer broke the news in 2011, claiming that they had a four-month affair. Chris was spotted spending the night at his mistress' Florida apartment at the time. According to Kristyn, Chris told her he was headed for a divorce, which she later learned wasn't true.

Before his eviction and divorce reports surfaced, Chris was charged with larceny after issuing bad checks to a vendor who provided promotional items worth $12,998.05. He turned himself in to police in Connecticut on Monday and was released without bond after signing a written vow to appear in court.

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