Ice Cube Accuses Harvey Weinstein of Finishing 'Janky Promoters' Behind His Back
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After a fan describes his 2009 film as 'the funniest underrated movie ever', the 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' rapper comes out with a reason as to why it came out on DVD.

AceShowbiz - Rapper/actor Ice Cube has accused disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein of deliberately sabotaging the success of his 2009 film "Janky Promoters" by releasing it on DVD without his knowledge.

The "Friday" star claims the comedy, which also featured his longtime pal Mike Epps, wasn't even given the chance at a proper box office release, because Weinstein and his Dimension Films business partner and brother, Bob Weinstein, had the project completed behind Ice Cube's back and rushed it out for retailers without his approval.

The hip-hop legend went public with the news on Twitter, after one fan praised the film and dubbed it "the funniest underrated movie ever".

"This movie is bitter-sweet for me," he replied. "We never had a chance to finish or promote Janky Promoters.

"Harvey Weinstein and his brother put this movie out on DVD behind our backs before we could finish the film. They actually had editors finish the movie in secret #JankyStudioHeads".

"Janky Promoters" starred Cube and Epps as two young show promoters who find themselves in trouble after their plans to hire rapper Young Jeezy for a gig go wrong. After a string of delays, it was given a limited release in October, 2009, before being rolled out on DVD just five weeks later.

Cube has previously revealed he had been working out a deal for a wide theatre release at the time, and had been caught by surprise by the DVD news.

On Twitter, the former N.W.A. MC went on to explain he tried his best to save the project by having filmmaker Marcus Raboy do a director's cut, but it was already too late as the damage was done.

"Search for the directors cut (sic). My attempt to salvage the movie... Its (sic) much better to me," he wrote. "Very underground. Not released in too many places."

Harvey Weinstein's career has since been left in tatters after he was exposed as an alleged sexual predator in a series of exposes in October, 2017. He is currently facing criminal charges in New York City, while authorities in London and Los Angeles also launched investigations into accusations of his past behaviour.

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