Sophie Turner and Piers Morgan Engage in Twitter War Over Mental Health Comment
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Sophie takes issue with Piers accusing celebrities of making mental health 'fashionable,' prompting the British journalist to receive more backlash from other Twitter users.

AceShowbiz - Piers Morgan is no stranger to drawing the ire of fellow Internet users, and this time it's Sophie Turner who has spoken against the English journalist. The two have engaged in a heated debate over mental health on Twitter.

It all began when Piers shared an article in which actress Beverley Callard expressed concern for celebrities trying to make mental health "fashionable." Agreeing with Beverley, he commented on the article, "She'll be hammered for saying this, but 100% true."

His tweet quickly caught the attention of Sophie who slammed the TV host for his harsh judgment on people with mental health issues. She wrote in a tweet addressed to Piers, "Or maybe they have a platform to speak out about it and help get rid of the stigma of mental illness which affects 1 in 4 people in UK per year. But please go ahead and shun them back into silence. Twat."

Sophie then responded with a series of posts schooling Piers about mental health. "People who think it's okay to make jokes about mental illness, I feel you must be lucky, because surely you don't understand or can't comprehend what it is like to have or know someone with an illness like this," she wrote.

Noting that "depression is the second biggest killer in affluent Europe and America," she urged everyone to talk about "our loved ones experiences" to "help other people who suffer with mental illness not feel so alone."

She concluded with a powerful message, "You are not alone, you can manage your illness, and people who make fun of it are the minority... not you. You are loved and supported."

But Piers wouldn't stop just yet, hitting back at Sophie. "Actually, I was mocking your foul-mouthed abuse of me, whilst simultaneously trying to lecture me about mental health," he wrote, referencing to Sophie's remark in which she called him "twat."

He also pointed out Sophie's tweet which he claimed is a mock of mental health issue. In the said tweet, the "Game of Thrones" star wrote, "Ugh so sad. Just been diagnosed with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Please help."

Sophie has stopped responding to Piers' tweets, but he still had a lot to say about the actress. Responding to Perez Hilton's article highlighting the actress' "smart & empowering stuff" about mental health, he wrote, "Why would I listen to yet another woefully unqualified C-list celebrity lecturing me about mental health to make herself look good, grab a few laughable 'She DESTROYED Piers Morgan!!' headlines & get lots of 'likes'? Just virtue-signalling nonsense."

Many others have also slammed the former "America's Got Talent" judge, and he would reply to some of them. He defended himself in one tweet, "I haven't got a clue about mental illness? With respect, how do you know? And all I did on this occasion was agree with an actress that some celebrities treat mental health issues like a fashion accessory. They do & they distract attention from real sufferers."

Piers further blasted Sophie in another post, "Well, Ms Turner, who I've never met, called me a 'twat' in a tweet to her 1.7 million followers. She did this purely to get herself some much-needed press & make herself look virtuous by jumping on the mental health bandwagon. I see right through her."

In the past, Piers has also mocked the Kardashians and Emily Ratajkowski among other celebrities.

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