Drew Barrymore Steers Clear of Plastic Surgery for Extremely Addictive Personality Fear
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Putting the procedure in the same class with heroin, the 'Santa Clarita Diet' actress claims she feels the two are both very slippery slopes that may lead to her death.

AceShowbiz - Drew Barrymore has no desire to go under the knife for a plastic surgery makeover because she fears she would quickly become addicted to nip and tucks.

The "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" star struggled with alcohol and drug addiction when she was younger and she explains she has chosen to stay away from surgery because she would hate to become obsessed about the way she looks - and what could be done to change her appearance.

"I have an extremely addictive personality," she tells Glamour U.K. "I've never done heroin, and I don't want to get plastic surgery because I feel like they're both very slippery slopes. I feel if I try either, I'm going to be dead really soon."

"Not messing with my face or chasing some unnatural beauty is a standard I live by," she adds. "I have dark circles under my eyes. I was at my dermatologist's recently who said to me, 'Can I shoot some Juvederm up there? It will raise the skin and it won't be so sunken, which is causing the darkness to look worse, because it's lower than the natural light that is hitting it.' And I went, 'No, but I'm gonna go home and start highlighting under my eyes, so thank you for the tip!'"

Barrymore explains she is also keen to stay away from plastic surgery because she wants to set a good example for her two young daughters, Olive and Frankie.

"I feel ageing is a privilege," she says. "It's about how to do it gracefully, with humour, self-love and a respect for the process, and that's always been really important to me. Then I started having girls and I thought, 'Thank God these were my initial instincts. Now I can carry them out in an even more deep and profound way'."

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