Dave Grohl Takes a Tumble Off Stage After Downing a Can of Beer
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In a footage shared online, the Foo Fighters frontman can be seen falling backwards as he lost his balance when attempting to get back onto the stage.

AceShowbiz - Foo Fighters star Dave Grohl took another tumble onstage on Wednesday night (January 09) during the band's first show of the new year.

The singer, who famously fell offstage and broke his leg during a show in Sweden in 2015, took a misstep during a gig at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, while playing a guitar solo, and fell into the pit.

In fan-shot footage posted online, Grohl attempts to drink a beer handed to him by a fan before he falls.

Last year (2018), the rocker confessed he is rarely sober when he hits the stage with the Foo Fighters thanks to his pre-show booze ritual.

Grohl told radio station KLOS-FM he knocks back four beers and a handful of shots backstage as he waits to make his grand entrance with his bandmates.

"An hour before the gig, I have a Coors Light," he said. "About 50 minutes before the gig, I hit my first Jag (Jagermeister), finish the Coors Light, get another Coors Light going. Now there's a bunch of people around, so I'm throwing shots at everybody and I'm taking shots with everyone in the room."

"The next Coors Light is down, I got a cold one. Now it's about maybe 20 minutes before going on. I've had three or four shots of Jager and three Coors Lights. Then they sort of clear the room and we get 15 minutes to ourselves... (then) it's time to walk to the stage, so I crack another beer just to have a cold one as I walk up and I pick up the bottle and drink the last inch of the Jag!".

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