Gordon Ramsay Slammed for Sexual Innuendos in 'Uncomfortable' Interview With Sofia Vergara
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Twitter users slam the celebrity chef for making suggestive remarks to the 'Modern Family' star and touching her during their appearance on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' in 2010.

AceShowbiz - Gordon Ramsay is under fire after an old video from his appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in 2010 resurfaced. The British chef was interviewed along with Sofia Vergara and people took issue with his remarks and behaviors toward the actress.

"Did I scare you guys? I never scream like that in real life. It was all acting," Sofia asked when she joined Gordon and Jay Leno, referencing to her act in the previous skit. "Only in the bedroom?" Gordon responded while touching her arm. "You would never know," Jay retorted as Sofia made a face and the audience audibly reacted.

Later, Jay brought up the cover of the now closed Daily Variety featuring a "Modern Family" ad that read, "If Modern Family wins the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy, Sofia Vergara will run naked down Sunset Blvd.*" The ad noted though, "*Cast member may change without notice." When Sofia responded, "That's ridiculous. I cannot run," Gordon quipped, "Knock yourself out."

Jay also asked Sofia about her recent trip to Europe. After showing a photo of her and a friend wearing bikinis, the photo quickly changed to show Sofia eating pizza. The host asked the producers to go back to the previous picture, saying, "Think we have a female director? Duh!"

Gordon then made a sexual comment at the actress regarding her photo of eating pizza, "You seem like you're enjoying that. You had a whole wedge in your mouth at one time?" Sofia said, "Yes, yes, yes," putting her hands up in the air in frustration, while Gordon continued, "You haven't heard of a knife and fork? You don't eat pizza with a knife and a fork."

"You don't need pizza with a knife and a fork," Sofia tried to explain herself. Gordon added, "You just pick it up and stick it in." Jay chimed in, trying to diffuse the situation, "He's English."

Later, Sofia shared a Colombian dessert that was one of her favorites. Gordon insulted it, saying, "It tastes like s**t fudge." He also jokingly spit it out, prompting the Emmy-winning actress to rise up from her couch and almost smack him.

Jay was on Sofia's side, calling the dessert "delicious" and telling the chef that one way to enjoy it was to put it on cookies. He continued, "Of all the things chefs have prepared on this show, this is the tastiest I have ever tasted."

Gordon continued mocking the dessert, saying, "You can take it back to Colombia." Looking upset, Sofia called him "ignorant." The "MasterChef" star also hit her on the side of her thigh, which she rejected. "No touching!" she fired back, while hitting his hand.

Sofia and Gordon hugged it out at the end of the interview, but viewers who just saw the video are not happy about it. "Sofia Vergara didn't deserve to be treated like this. This is very very uncomfortable," one wrote on Twitter. Another commented, "I recently made a post on my finsta about gordon ramsay's work before seeing his disrespect and general slimy behavior towards sofia vergara. No longer a fan."

Another similarly reacted, "@GordonRamsay you treated Sofia Vergara with utter disrespect." Someone else added, "You sexually harassed her to the point where you actually touched her. She was making her disdain for you obvious. What the f**k is wrong with you? Never watching anything you do again."

Another, meanwhile, slammed Jay for not stepping in, "This is awful behaviour and shame on a Jay Leno for not stepping in as well."

Gordon remains silent on the backlash. His latest Twitter post was a meme poking fun at his scruffy look while promoting his FOX's show "Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell & Back".

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