The almost-four-minute visuals sees the Grammy-nominated singer trying to escape from the organization in charge of her 'Dirty Computer' universe.

AceShowbiz - The continuation of Janelle Monae's "Dirty Computer" story has arrived in the form a new music video. The Grammy-nominated singer unveiled the visuals for her Zoe Kravitz-assisted "Screwed" on Monday, January 7 to fans' viewing pleasure.

The almost-four-minute clip picks up where "Crazy, Classic, Life" music video left off, where Monae and Tessa Thompson luckily escape commotion caused by the organization in charge of her universe. It opens with the singer waking up in a rooftop only to find a security bot flying in the air. Realizing that it will bring trouble for her, Monae quickly wakes her friends up and leaves the place as soon as possible.

The group later find themselves hiding in an underground room, where they start playing instruments and dance under flashing lights. "And I, I, I hear the sirens calling/ And the bombs are falling in the streets/ We're all screwed," Monae and and Kravitz sing. "And ah, ah, ah, it's not perfect, baby/ But I go sex crazy/ But I feel so screwed."

But all the fun has come to end as the video is about to close. Monae and her group are seen happily leaving their underground party, unaware of the fact that a suspicious black hovercraft has been waiting for them. Thompson notices the van, but instead of getting suspicious, she approaches the vehicle, thinking that it's theirs. Finally, the actress is dragged off by the security officers and taken away in the hovercraft.

Getting frustrated, Monae tries to save Thompson only to be stopped by her other friends. This is because a security bot is flying close to them. Will she be able to rescue the "Thor: Ragnarok" star in the end?

"Screwed" marks the first collaboration between Monae and Kravitz. The song is inspired by Gloria Steinem's tearful quote which read, "I'm just tired of being screwed, and being screwed by my friends."

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