Drunk Driver Charged With Manslaughter for Killing Sarah Hyland's Cousin in Crash

In addition to initial three charges, the prosecutors decide to add two more charges to Jeffrey Eggeling following fatal car crash that claimed Trevor Canaday's life earlier this month.

AceShowbiz - The driver accused of killing Sarah Hyland's teenage cousin Trevoy Canaday earlier this month is now reportedly facing extra charges. Jeffrey Eggeling was charged with five felonies, including manslaughter and assault, on Friday, December 28.

Eggeling was initially charged with motor vehicle homicide, DUI causing serious bodily injury and failing to stop and render aid during his preliminary hearing. In addition, the prosecutors added manslaughter and second-degree assault to the list of charges, Omaha World-Herald reported.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine told KETV, "The actions were so egregious that we felt we would add these additional charges. The law supports us to add these additional charges."

The Omaha Police Department said that on December 1, the 36-year-old drove a 2011 Ford Escape more than 20 mph over the speed limit and ran a red light before crashing into the passenger side of a 1993 Nissan Maxima with Trevor and Clifford Canaday inside.

Eggeling fled the scene without his car following the crash but he was soon apprehended. He was driving under influence and his blood-alcohol level tested at .103. He is now in jail on a $750,000 bond as he awaits trial.

Prior to this, Eggeling was convicted three times. It included driving while intoxicated and operating a boat while drunk.

Following the heartbreaking car crash that claimed her cousin's life, Sarah turned to social media to ask people to help pay for 14-year-old Trevor's funeral. The post, however, only got the "Modern Family" star backlash since she herself earns a lot of money.

As if that wasn't enough reason for people to be angry, the fact that Sarah only donated $1,000 made people more upset. "I'm sorry but Sarah Hyland only donating 1k and asking everyone else to donate the rest of the 10k is messed up since she's a millionaire," one user wrote. "Pay the 10k and then ask for additional donations if people want to. I don't get it???"

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