Robbie Williams Vows to Give Up Smoking as New Year's Resolution

After a previous unsuccessful attempt to ditch the cigarettes, the 'Bodies' hitmaker tells his social media followers that he wants to stay alive for his children.

AceShowbiz - Robbie Williams' New Year's resolution is to give up smoking once and for all.

The "Let Me Entertain You" singer originally ditched the cigarettes when his six-year-old daughter Teddy was born in 2012, but revealed in 2016 that he had gone back to them after undergoing a strict diet regime, as they helped suppress his appetite.

He has now revealed that he plans to ditch them again as part of his New Year's resolutions.

"On January 1 I'm going to stop smoking - does anyone want to join me?" he asked his followers on Instagram Live. "But I'm really scared about putting weight on. I'm terrified, in fact, about that - but staying alive for my children will be worth the weight gain... he said, lying to himself."

Robbie and his wife Ayda Field are also parents to son Charlton, three, and daughter Colette, nicknamed Coco, who they announced the arrival of in September. Coco had been born via a surrogate.

He previously told the Guardian newspaper in 2016 that he used to replace nicotine with sugar, causing him to put on weight. When he went back to the cigarettes, he kept it from Ayda because she isn't a fan of his habit.

"I tried to hide it from my wife for five weeks," he explained. "What I'd do, at night I'd hide my mouthwash and hand sanitiser in a safe place, then wake up an hour before she got up, climb out of the window, take my top off, so as not to smell of anything, then smoke, hand sanitiser and mouthwash, top back on, shoes off so as not to wake her up, climb back in the window."

During that interview, the 44-year-old said his secret was soon found out but vowed to give up in January 2017.

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