Sandra Bullock Brags About Her Family: It's Better Than How People Thought It Would Look
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Comparing her real family to her character's in upcoming movie 'Bird Box', the mother of two reveals her biggest fear is 'being away from my children.'

AceShowbiz - Sandra Bullock is grateful for the family she was blessed with. In a new magazine interview, the leading lady of "Bird Box" opens up about her family life as she compares it to her character's in the Susanne Bier-directed thriller.

When discussing about the essence of the post-apocalyptic movie, the Oscar-winning actress pointed out to People Magazine what drew her to it. "I think what I loved about this is that it sort of mirrored what I feel about real life," she spilled, "in that my family is not how most people thought it would look, but it's better."

About the film itself, Bullock explained, "It is about family in a sense, in that 'sight' has us choosing things based on a preconceived notion of what that image must be like, when in fact it’s the exact opposite." She elaborated, "And here are these people who have that taken away, and you are actually given the family that is going to take the best care of you, that wants to take care of you, that wants to be there for you, and how that that looks is very different from what most people expect."

Since the movie revolves around one's greatest fear, the "Gravity" actress revealed that hers is being away from her children. As for the challenges she faced during filming, she confessed, "There was a day that I had to do this speech about [co-star Sarah Paulson] and we were in the house, and you just have to get to the place of, 'I'm going to have to start thinking about things that no one wants to think about.' "

Back in 2010, the ex-wife of Jesse James adopted her first child, Lois. She went through another adoption process in 2015 to add a daughter named Laila to her family. Of the adoptions, she said, "We're very lucky that we get to live in this moment in time where we get to choose what our family looks like, and I got to do that in real life."

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