Ruby Rose Chronicles Scary Hospital Visit to Remove Earplug Stuck in Her Ear

In a series of Instagram Story posts, the 'Pitch Perfect 3' actress informs her fans that she needs to seek treatment in Hungary after a silicon earplug became lodged into her ear canal.

AceShowbiz - Ruby Rose had to seek hospital treatment in Hungary this week (begins December 10) after an earplug became lodged into her ear canal.

The former "Orange is the New Black" star had to take time out of filming new movie "SAS: Red Notice" to get the silicon plug removed after it became wedged "inside her brain" while she wore it to protect her ear drums from loud noises on the set.

"I've had a couple co-stars end up in hospital because of ear plugs from films with gunfire and other loud noises because it ended up being lodged in there (sic) ear canals. I always made fun of them... I will never make fun of them again!" she posted on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, December 12.

She then shared footage of her walking into a hospital and captioned the clip, "I have a silicon ear plug inside my damn brain and I think this is the scariest hospital I've ever seen."

Ruby then posted a series of pictures which showed the completely empty emergency room reception, an old-fashioned hospital bed and the equipment in her room and joked that it was like something out of a horror movie.

"If you never see me again... I hope my organs went to wonderful people," she wrote with one snap, while with another she wrote, "Dear Lord please tell me my tetanus shot is current."

Ruby Rose Chronicles Scary Hospital Visit After Earplug Stuck in Her Ear

Ruby Rose still managed to joke about her scary hospital visit.

The Australian star later updated fans that the earplug had been removed after a dramatic procedure and she was allowed to leave.

"It took over an hour, three doctors and a lot of screaming crying and fainting to remove what had become glue around my ear drum - but they did it!" she wrote. "Now, to fix my TV... it doesn't seem to have sound working."

Ruby Rose Chronicles Scary Hospital Visit After Earplug Stuck in Her Ear

The earplug was removed after one-hour procedure.

Ruby is currently filming the movie in Budapest with "Outlander" star Sam Heughan.

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