Released on December 12, the visuals features segments from the songstress' narrative film which is titled 'Dirty Computer'.

AceShowbiz - Even though it's been months since Janelle Monae dropped her album "Dirty Computer", it doesn't stop her from releasing music videos for tracks off the record. The latest song which gets a music video treatment is "Crazy, Classic, Life". Released on Wednesday, December 12, the clip features segments from her narrative film which is also titled "Dirty Computer".

It starts with Monae driving in a hover car with a friend before getting stopped by a security bot that examines them to make sure they're clear. As soon as the bot is nowhere inside, the songstress jumps off the car and gets her whole crew out of the trunk. The group then head to one of the futuristic dance parties where any queers can be seen enjoying their life to the fullest.

"We don't need another ruler/ All of my friends are king/ I'm not America's nightmare/ I'm the American dream/ Just let me live my life," Monae sings on the song as things start to heat up between her and Tessa Thompson.

The whole thing is astoundingly euphoric, until their party is crashed by the organization in charge of the universe. Everyone gets arrested while Monae and Thompson manage to escape from the commotion. It's unknown whether or not they're safe since the video ends just like that.

Inspired by the vibranium in "Black Panther" and the wild mushroom tea parties in Mexico, "Crazy, Classic, Life" is the second song on "Dirty Computer". The album is nominated for Album of the Year category at the upcoming 61st Grammy Awards, with the music video for "Pnyk" vying for Best Music Video.

Monae, who helped announce the nomination last week, was overwhelmed with emotion when she learned that her album was nominated for the biggest honor. "This album is so much bigger than me. It's about a community in dirty computers, of marginalized voices," she said. "Being a young, black, queer woman in America, there was something I had to say and a group of people I wanted to celebrate."

She added, "I'm happy to be representing them. I hope they feel seen, I hope they feel heard. I hope they feel loved. And I hope they feel celebrated."

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