Rosario Dawson's Teen Daughter Opposes Her Plan to Post Nude Photo Online
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Of the plan itself, the 'Jane the Virgin' actress says that she wants to do it in celebration of her 39th birthday, reasoning that in showbiz, there are not enough people 'actually saying their age.'

AceShowbiz - Rosario Dawson's daughter tried to stop mum posting naked photos of herself online to celebrate her 39th birthday.

The actress admits Lola, 15, was far from happy when the plan was announced, because she had school friends who followed her mother on social media.

"She was like, 'Mom, are you posting this stuff...? I have kids that follow you online!'," Dawson tells Access Live, insisting it was important to documents the fact she looks and feels great as she approaches her 40s.

"This is about me and I just feel, especially in this industry, you get to a certain age and they want you to just sort of like disappear, and you don't get enough people celebrating and actually saying their age... I just wanna be able to keep reflecting that out there as much as possible."

Rosario insists plenty of sleep and water are the keys to her youthful looks and her great body, adding, "Getting enough sleep (is important). People just don't prioritise that; you wanna work out more and more but you'll never get that last little bit (of weight) off if you actually haven't given your body the time to regenerate - and plenty of water."

And the actress also eats a lot of oatmeal.

"I'm working with Quaker Oats because I eat a lot of oatmeal," she explains, "and it's one of those things to put into your (diet) every day, especially around the holidays, when you wanna just be eating a bunch of stuff and eating and splurging - you wanna take care of yourselves. You can have granola, shakes, you can have oatmeal pancakes... and you get heart health, you get energy, you get (good) digestion... it's not expensive and it's easy to use.

"Everyone talks about protein shakes and everyone always doubles down on protein, but there not getting enough fibre and they're not getting enough energy."

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