Drake and Stefflon Don Take Instagram Flirt Offline With Romantic Dinner Date

The Canadian spitter and the British rapper have been spotted on a date in Miami after he publicly hit on her during an Instagram live session earlier this month.

AceShowbiz - Drake was apparently serious when he hit on Stefflon Don during their recent Instagram exchange. After their public Instagram flirt, the "Hotline Bling" hitmaker has taken the British rapper out on a cozy dinner date in Miami.

In some photos obtained by The Shade Borough, the two appeared to be enjoying each other's companion during the romantic dinner. Stefflon couldn't help blushing as the Canadian rapper stared longingly into the "Hurtin' Me" hitmaker's eyes.

Most fans have reacted positively to the alleged brewing romance between the two rappers. "Sis is living her best life," one commented on the pictures of their dinner date. "She better play smart. Secure him. Don't let your blessings get away," another advised Stefflon. Another supportive fan wrote, "We are all rooting for you."

Drake publicly flirted with Stefflon when the 26-year-old had an Instagram live session where she asked her potential suitors to call in and describe why she should date them. Not letting the moment slip away, Drizzy tried to convince her that he's the perfect guy for her.

When Stefflon asked him if he was single because she didn't want to be with a guy who was in a relationship, the 32-year-old assured her, "I'm single, ready to mingle." He also explained why she should date him, "I'm a confident guy, I hold my own in any room, I've known you for a while, we buss 'nuff jokes together."

He also listed a possible collaboration as the reason why he should be her new man. "We can cook up tune together in stu(dio). I can organize all your heels and your fits and your wigs for you," he claimed. "I'll make sure they're all color coded."

Stefflon admitted she was "blushing" over Drake's sweet words and asked her fans if he was the one for her. "Is he a keeper? Cause right now I'm blushing...I think I'm in love right now," she admitted.

Drake then promised to "take you somewhere nice." He added, "I could take you somewhere classy and sexy cause you're classy and sexy and it would match your energy." Steff was completely sold as she told her followers, "We're going to hook up a date and the people are going to hear about it."

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