Mike Posner Baffles Fans With His Scruffy Look at NFL Halftime Show

Shocking viewers with his shaggy hair and beard, the 'Cooler Than Me' hitmaker is also roasted for his performance at the Thanksgiving game between the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions.

AceShowbiz - Mike Posner has left many baffled with his new look. On Thursday, November 22, the "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" hitmaker returned to his hometown, Detroit, to perform at the halftime show of the Thanksgiving Day game between the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, and got roasted for looking different.

Debuting shaggy brown hair and scruffy beard as opposed to his past buzz cut, the 30-year-old was met with an uproar on Twitter. One user likened him to painter Bob Ross, "Yo why Mike Posner out here at halftime looking like Bob Ross?" Another joked that he looked like a caveman from GEICO commercials.

Other trolls pointed out Posner's similarity to a grown-up Haley Joel Osment. Posting a side-by-side photo of the two, @UCSportsMedia tweeted, "Mike Posner took a pill in Ibiza and became Haley Joel Osment." Meanwhile, @Maestermagoo mocked, "Michael Posner looks like the mud from the sixth sense all grown up."

Posner's unkempt look wasn't the only thing people ridiculed though. Many also poked fun at the singer's star power. While @rodger complained, "the annual Lions Thanksgiving Halftime Show is the bankrupt version of the Super Bowl halftime show," @tweltin questioned, "Michael Posner and the 'legendary' Michael Posner Band at Lions-Bears halftime show. Who the hell is Michael Posner??"

One user, in particular, called out NFL and Detroit Lions for their choice of halftime performer. "What is @NFL @Lions & @NFLonCBS thinking with this halftime noise? The legendary who? Michael Posner? Come on #Detroit! #KidRock #BobSeger #Eminem or a MoTown act are your legends...not this 'poser,' " @DSHEAVALHALLA sneered.

So far, Posner hadn't reacted to the backlash. He did, however, post a tweet on the same day to promote his upcoming album, "A Real Good Kid", that is expected to be released on January 18, 2019. Unlike his halftime performance, his new release announcement garnered mostly support from his followers with many expressing their excitement.

Lucky for Posner, he was not the first artist to be roasted over his performance at the halftime show. In 2017, Jason Derulo was also slammed for his performance at the game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions. "Man, Jason Derulo out here sounding like me in the shower," one viewer tweeted, while another grumbled online, "This Jason Derulo performance is so bad that the Bills are starting it at QB this week."

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