Alicia Silverstone Close to Finalizing Divorce After Arriving at Settlement

Five months after bringing in a mediator to help with her split agreement with estranged husband Christopher Jarecki, the 'Book Club' actress has finally had a signed judgement.

AceShowbiz - Alicia Silverstone and her estranged husband Christopher Jarecki have reportedly reached a settlement in their divorce.

According to court records obtained by The Blast, the final judgment package between the former couple was signed by their private judge and entered into the divorce case by the actress on 16 November.

The "Clueless" star announced her separation from singer Chris in February, and moved to legally end their marriage of 12 years three months later when she also sought joint custody of their seven-year-old son Bear.

In June, Alicia was forced to bring in a mediator to help negotiate a split agreement as the former couple had "all issues in dispute" with their divorce and the pair agreed to split the cost of hiring a private judge, in order to secure a "signed judgement".

The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, but at the time of her filing, Alicia had requested joint custody of Bear.

With the judgment papers now reportedly filed, once the court has approved what the private judge has signed, Alicia will be officially divorced.

The actress, who wed punk rocker Chris in Lake Tahoe, California in 2005 after eight years of dating, recently opened up on how she and Chris successfully co-parent their son, explaining that they both see him "every day".

"I'm really lucky that we have such a good ... we're so good at co-parenting with each other," she told Us Weekly. "We both see (our son) Bear, unless I'm away shooting something where he can't be there, but he usually comes with me anyway."

"There's no way to tell anybody how to make their relationship work or their thing work. It just works for us. We both love our son, right? We both want to be with our son and we both love each other too."

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