Cardi B Complaint of Being Depressed Over Inability to Stop Weight Loss

While she admits to doing everything to lose her baby weight post-giving birth, the 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker tells her Instagram followers that she doesn't like looking skinny.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Cardi B is "depressed" at having lost so much weight since becoming a mother.

The "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker gave birth to her daughter Kulture, her first child with husband Offset, in July, and a few weeks later, she showed off her post-baby body in a series of revealing pictures on social media and at several red carpet events.

Many fans praised Cardi for shedding her pregnancy pounds so quickly, but the 26 year old is not happy with how "skinny" she now is.

"I've been very depressed because I cannot stop losing weight," she told fans in an Instagram Live post on Thursday, November 15. "And it's so crazy because when I first gave birth, I did everything to lose my baby weight. I was drinking Teami (detox tea) so it could curb my appetite and now that I lost all the baby weight... I don't like looking too skinny."

"I used to look too skinny as a teenager and I used to hate it and I hate it now," she shared. "It's been really depressing me, making me sad, my weight."

Cardi has been trying to eat more to fill out her figure, but it's been tough for the new mum as she still doesn't have much of an appetite.

"S**t is so stressful, not having no appetite at all," she added. "I want to gain weight so bad (sic)."

"I'm really trying to gain weight, y'all, and it's been hard and I don't know how," Cardi continued. "After I gave birth, I was so thirsty (eager) to lose all the baby weight, and now it's so hard for me to gain weight, and I hate it. Then my parents... the more they force me to eat, the more I don't want to eat."

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