Twitter Suspends Azealia Banks After Threatening to Murder 'Love and Hip Hop' Star Mariah Lynn

The beef was down after the '212' rapper's performance was cut short at Fashion Nova party on Wednesday, November 14 in Los Angeles.

AceShowbiz - Azealia Banks went brutal on Twitter that prompted the micro-blogging site to suppend her account. The female rapper went around threatening to murder rival rapper Mariah Lynn after getting involved in a Twitter beef.

It was down after Azealia's performance was cut short at Fashion Nova party on Wednesday, November 14 in Los Angeles. The "Anna Wintour" raptress then accused the promoters of giving her an unfair treatment to give the "Love and Hip Hop New York" star extra time.

Chicago rapper CupcakKe first went on the site, writing in a now-deleted tweet, "Sooooooo fashion nova decided to cut some of my time off my performance and raise other people times up which is very unfair to me so I came to a conclusion I don't want to perform at the fashio nova party but I thank cardi [Cardi B] for the opportunity."

Seemingly feeling getting called out, Mariah shaded CupcakKe, "It's crazy how someone could go and say I'm not performing like girl your lucky to even have that opportunity... I wouldn't of care if it was one min of my song, some didn't even get an invite like wtf is going on in the world? Be grateful when opportunities present them self."

That automatically made CupcakKe furious before calling her "garbage" who "BEGGGGGGGED me for a verse and still haven't got that."

Not backing down, Mariah then coyly subtweeted CupcakKe and wrote, "Idgaf what anyone feels or got to say I said what I said and that's that tf."

Azealia, somehow, got herself in their back and forth after one of her followers told her that Maiah tried to come for CupcakKe. "I will punch mariahlynn in her ugly mentally r*****ed white trash rat nose," she responded to the fan. "I will step on your f***ing skill and crush it b***h."

Not stopping there, Azealia went on snapping while throwing some serious threats to Mariah, "I promise you I will murder you with my bare hands."

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks threatens to murder Mariah Lynn on Twitter.

Not long after she posted the tweet, Twitter banned Azealia.

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