Kim Kardashian Mom-Shamed for Allegedly Photoshopping North West to Be Slimmer

The mother of three is accused of doctoring a picture of her five-year-old daughter to make her stomach look slimmer and her head smaller.

AceShowbiz - Kim Kardashian is again allegedly caught photoshopping a picture. But instead of editing part of her body, this time she is accused of altering the image of her daughter North West, prompting backlash from people who think she gave a bad example to her young children.

In the photo, Kim was clad in a nude bikini top while crouching down, with North and Saint standing next to her on different sides. The reality TV star posted the image on her Instagram account on Monday, November 12, but the photo was actually taken during the family's holiday in Bali last month.

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North was wearing a white top and green bottom. An Instagram user compared the snap shared by Kim to the original version obtained from paparazzi, and pointed out the differences. The mother of three is accused of photoshopping to make North's stomach look less protruding and her head smaller.

Many of her followers were disappointed by Kim's alleged action. "You should Photoshop your own hideous body and not that poor girl's little belly. Wtf is wrong with u...," one criticized the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star.

Another mom-shamed her, "Poor child. Its a no brainer having of mother like that will give her massive insecurities about her appearance." Someone else similarly commented, "Way to ensure your kids have body dysmorphia before they even figure out how you got famous. Hope they break free from your toxic narcissism."

"North is just so young...breaks my heart. I would never photoshop a picture of my daughter, no.matter.what. She is perfect just the way she is," another Instagram user wrote, before blasting the KKW Beauty founder, "Kim is a disgusting person."

Kim is not stranger to photoshopping. In late October, he was accused of editing her picture from KKW Beauty campaign to make her butt look smaller and her thigh skinnier. Fans quickly noticed it, having seen the star baring her body on numerous occasions to know the difference.

"kim what happen to your big butt??" one of her Instagram followers asked. Another disappointed fan wrote, "i have been a fan for years and years and years but this is the first time im insanely disappointed with what you are doing. im so sorry but this is wildly dumb. thankfully i am confident in myself, but some girls aren't, what exactly are u trying to side with here,,,,decide and stick with it so ur fans can understand wtf ur really bout HUN …"

She hasn't responded to the latest photoshop accusation.

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