Fans Loving 'Black-ish' Prince Tribute as 100th Episode Celebration

A fan takes to Twitter to share how s/he wishes the episode, which is properly titled 'Purple Rain', would last longer than 30 minutes.

AceShowbiz - "Black-ish" celebrated a milestone in its Tuesday, November 13 episode. Celebrating its 100th episode, the ABC sitcom decided to pay tribute to late legend Prince in the episode which was properly titled "Purple Rain".

The must-see episode saw Dre (Anthony Anderson), Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross), and older members of the Johnson family attempting to make young twins Jack (Miles Brown) and Diane (Marsai Martin) aware of the significance of the legendary singer. With that they staged musical performances that paid homage to Prince's videos and films.

Later, everyone could be seen performing spot-on tributes to The Purple One's hits like "Kiss", "Erotic City", "Sign O' The Times", "Purple Rain" and "Sexy M.F.", the latter of which was cut due to language.

Fans on Twitter were praising the episode, showing their approvals of the show's homage to His Royal Badness. "#Blackish is showing more love to #Prince than any music award show ever did...," one fan tweeted. "The clothes for this #blackish tribute are fabulous!" one other added.

Alongside a GIF of Prince, who died in 2016, another user admitted that s/he loved the episode. Another fan wished the episode would last longer than 30 minutes. "Y'all really showed out on this Prince episode. It should've been a whole hour, but congrats on the 100th. #blackish."

Executive producer Jonathan Groff reveals to TV Guide that the episode cost them some good money, adding it required "shockingly close" to $1 million. "We could have done more dramatic things, had a bigger plot development for the family, but we'd just done that in the season premiere with Junior announcing he was taking a gap year," Groff added.

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