Emily Blunt Dreams to Star Opposite Leonardo DiCaprio
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Taking part in Vogue's 73 Questions Internet segment, the 'Mary Poppins Returns' star also discloses that she would love to work with Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron.

AceShowbiz - Emily Blunt is desperate to work with Oscar winners Alfonso Cuaron and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The actress recently took part in Vogue's 73 Questions Internet segment at the magazine's headquarters as she pretended to be the boss for the day, and revealed she'd really like to get a call from "Gravity" director Cuaron, while DiCaprio is on her wish list of co-stars.

Emily also urged filmmakers to cast her, fellow Brits Emily Mortimer and Sienna Miller and Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively as an ensemble in a film, adding she thinks Lively is her most stylish friend, whose closet she would like to raid.

She paused her whistle-stop chat with interviewer, Joe, to ask her brother-in-law Stanley Tucci for his opinion on two ties and revealed she set him up with her sister at her wedding.

"He wormed his way into my family," she said. "He's the best guy."

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour also phoned in during the segment to ask "The Devil Wears Prada" star how she was getting on.

Blunt also revealed she'd love to interview Rolling Stones star Keith Richards, because she can't believe he's still alive; she would like to make a cameo on reality TV show "Shark Tank"; she never watches her own films, because she'll "just pick them apart", and she loves turkey lasagne and New York pizza.

The fast-talking interviewer also discovered his subject is allergic to cats, obsessed by lifestyle website Pinterest, and once dreamed of working as a translator for the United Nations, because "I was quite good at Spanish".

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