Ice Cube Gets Blunt About Despising Donald Trump in New 'Arrest the President' Single

The 'Real People' rapper is following the footsteps of Barbra Streisand and Carole King in using music to voice their strong dislike of the 45th U.S. President.

AceShowbiz - Ice Cube has become the latest star to use music to attack U.S. leader Donald Trump.

Following the release of tracks from Barbra Streisand and Carole King, which take aim at the divisive President and his polices, the rapper has dropped his new direct tune, "Arrest the President".

The N.W.A legend, who previously upset Republicans with his hard-hitting track "F**k tha Police", is at it again with the first single from his upcoming album "Everythang's Corrupt", which is released on 7 December.

The tune features the lyrics: "Arrest the President/You got the evidence", and "Let's meet at the White House/Run in and turn the lights out/They treat it like a trap house/These muthaf**kas never take the trash out", while Ice also takes aim at the President's tan, snarling: "Did you know the new white was orange?"

Streisand recently released the song "Don't Lie to Me" from her new album "Walls", while King has reworked her 1977 track "One" to take aim at Trump, telling The Guardian the release - her first new music in seven years - is "a call to action" ahead of the U.S. midterm elections held earlier this week, revealing she reworked the song to perform at a political fundraiser last month, and it went down so well that she decided to release it to "empower people".

The fervent Democrat says, "I need a reason to make music and I haven't had one."

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