BLACKPINK's Label to Launch New Survival Show for New Boy Group

Titled 'YG's Box of Jewels', the upcoming program hailing from YG Entertainment has started its filming as it is slated for a November 16 premiere.

AceShowbiz - YG Entertainment is about to launch yet another survival program. The South Korean Label which manages a slew of big K-Pop acts such as BLACKPINK, Big Bang and Winner, has released more details about the upcoming show, titled "YG's Box of Jewels".

The agency's founder Yang Hyun Suk announced during a Q&A session on his official blog on Monday, October 29, " 'YG's Box of Jewels' is a phrase often used by fans as complaints that once YG artists conclude promotions once, they are locked in the box of jewels and do not come out much. It is also negative language used openly by the media."

" 'YG's Box of Jewels' has the format of unveiling every single male trainee of YG who hasn't been revealed, and monitoring the judgements and selections of the viewers through the broadcast will be applied to the selection criteria," he continued. It was also revealed that there would be a total of 29 YG male trainees who will be revealed through the 'YG's Box of Jewels' broadcast with most of them being between the ages of 14 and 19.

"As the number of participants is much higher than when BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON were selected, the competition is higher than ever," he shared.

Of the selection criteria of the group, Yang Hyun Suk explained, "Skills are a given, and we plan on selecting with a focus on talents with star potential who also have visual charms. We started with the expectation of selecting five members, but it will be decided flexibly while watching how the program carries out."

"YG's Box of Jewels" has started its filming as it is slated for a November 16 premiere. Global audiences will be able to watch the broadcast through V Live and YouTube while the negotiation for it to air on TV is currently underway.

The upcoming show marks the fourth boy group survival program following "Who Is Next: Win", "Mix & Match" and Big Bang Documentary.

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