Jane Fonda Urges People to Vote Against Donald Trump in Midterm Election

The actress, a fervent opponent of POTUS, has posted an open letter to MoveOn movement members, urging them to help her 'turn our nation blue' on November 6.

AceShowbiz - Jane Fonda will be hitting the campaign trail next month convincing U.S. voters to hit the polls for what she is calling "the most important midterm election of my lifetime."

The actress, a fervent opponent of US. leader Donald Trump, has posted an open letter to her fellow MoveOn movement members, urging them to help her "turn our nation blue" on November 6, by voting against the President's Republicans - and asking their friends and relatives to do the same.

"I'm showing up to get out the vote - hitting the road in Michigan to stand with restaurant employees and other hourly workers and talk to voters about One Fair Wage, our campaign to raise the minimum wage and eliminate the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers," the veteran activist writes.

"I'm teaming up with MoveOn to reach millions of fellow MoveOn members who have the two superpowers necessary to turn our nation blue... You have the ability to hit the streets and phones in support of Democratic candidates for office - and to drive their campaigns across the finish line to victory."

Fonda then urges fans to download "a groundbreaking app" that "tells you which of your friends live in key districts and helps you make sure they vote!"

"Please join me by letting your first superpower rip between now and until the polls close on Election Day," the "9 to 5" star continues. "We can win a transformational wave of elections if we give the next 11 days our all.

"It's been hard for me to breathe in Donald Trump's America, because every day, more of what we cherish comes under attack. I find myself holding my breath - waiting for the next wretched swipe from Trump... at our health care or wages or environmental protections or immigrant rights."

"What helps is re-grounding in the very thing that happens to be MoveOn members' second superpower: hope. MoveOn members never give up, and I think it's because you've hung on to hope and a vision for the future that we can help win together."

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